Face! Also known as the reflection of your personality.

Smiley, pretty and glowing face is what all desires.

Still, what about glowing skin?

Yeah, I know that only positivity and smile cannot bring glow on your skin. And at times, especially ladies prefer to go to the parlour or use beauty products blindly.

According to the dermatologist, our skin tissue is very soft. In the case of facial skin, these are very soft. It can easily get dry or become oily.

So, what should you do to maintain a perfect skin balance for your oily skin?

For giving your oily skin a perfect balance, it is recommended to use best facial for oily skin.

And we are here to help you choose best facial for oily skin.

I have discussed sunscreen and home remedies for oily skin. In case you missed those. You may see them here.



Moving one step ahead today.

Best Facial for Oily Skin!

Often ladies & Girls use it the most. It is good to apply facial on your skin. But let me know one thing,




If you know the answer, then congrats!

However, if you don’t know then follow me here.


  • A facial is a multi-step skin treatment to take care of your skin.
  • A facial cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin to look younger.
  • Facial follows massage procedures which are considered as an important part of healthy skin. Massage helps in increasing the blood circulation and provides a fresh and glowing skin without any oil.


Oily skin is the perhaps most difficult type of skin to deal with. You have to be super gentle and caring while working on it. So choosing best facial for oily skin is very important. To treat oily skin you should choose facials that involve clay mask or mud mask as these ingredients helps in controlling the oiliness on your skin and tightens the pores.


Normally a facial includes steps which are cleaning, scrubbing, steaming, massaging, moisturiser and facial mask.

To make it simple. Watch the below video and have a detailed understanding of how to do facial.

So now you know why facial is important, how to choose right facial kit and how to do facial. It is time to know 15 best facial kit for oily skin.

15 best facial for oily skin

1. VLCC Gold Facial Kit

VLCC Gold Facial Kit

VLCC is a trusted brand in beauty products. It helps nourishes your skin and considered one of the best facial for oily skin.

This Kit contains Gold Scrub (24 Carat gold with turmeric which gently exfoliates the skin), Gold Gel (24 carat gold and gallnut which is responsible for renewal of cells), Gold Cream (Wheat Germ oil and Rose petal restores the physiological balance of the skin) and Gold Peel off Mask (24 carat gold and lemon which removes the dead cells and allows fresh new cells to reach the skin surface).

2. Jovees Gold Facial Kit

Jovees 24 Carat Gold Rejuvenating Facial Kit

Jovees Gold facial kit for oily skin contains Gold Scrub, Gold Massage Gel, Marigold Cleansing cream, Face Pack, and Moisturizer.

The Gold scrub (Contains 24 carat gold, Aloe Vera, wheat germ oil, Grape seed extract which helps in nourishing the skin and removes impurities), Gold massage gel (improve blood circulation and makes the skin soft and smooth), Cleansing Cream (to hydrates the skin), Gold Face Pack (It improves the elasticity of the skin and provides a matte look) and Moisturizer helps to improve moisture of the skin.

3. Shahnaz Gold Facial Kit

Shahnaz Husain Gold Facial Kit (Mini)

Who doesn’t know the name Shahnaz? All of us know that Shahnaz Husain is the empress of the herbal cosmetic industry.

She has done a lot for providing you one of her best facial kit for oily skin.

Shahnaz Gold facial kit for oily skin contains Gold Skin Radiance Gel, Gold Scrub, Moisturizing Cream and Gold Face Mask.

Gold Skin Radiance Gel and Moisturizing cream are also known as a dual complex formula which contains 24 carat gold to help rejuvenate and slow down the ageing, Gold Scrub exfoliates the skin well and removes the dead cells and Gold Face Mask which also contains 24 carat gold gives the skin a radiant glow.

4. Oxy Glow Gold Facial Kit

Oxyglow Gold Facial Kit

Oxy Glow Gold facial kit for oily skin contains the Gold Deep Cleanser Cream, Scrub, Face Pack, Gel, and Moisturizer.

The reason for choosing this facial kit for oily skin is because it helps clean the pores, and provides a clean and refreshing skin without any oil.

5. Nature’s Essence Gold Facial Kit


One of the best facial for the oily skin. In our journey of facial kit for oily skin, I met with this facial kit. Which is again a perfect match for oily skin?

This facial kit for oily skin contains a Gold Cleanser, Scrub, Cream, Gel and Face Pack.

Gold Cleanser (Contains peppermint oil and gold dust to exfoliates the skin very well), Scrub (to make skin soft while removing dead layers of skin), Cream (contains nourishing oil to give you younger looking skin), Gel (to provide moisture) and face pack (to hydrate the skin).

6. VLCC Anti Tan Facial Kit

VLCC Anti Tan Single Facial Kit

An Ayurvedic recipe specially prepared for old age people to look beautiful.

The kit comprises of VLCC Oat Meal Scrub (to exfoliate the skin), VLCC Gel (to nourish the skin), VLCC Massage Cream (to improve the blood circulation), VLCC Face Pack (to remove dead skin cells) and VLCC Powder (for the fresh look).

Knowing to be all natural, it is one of the best facial kits for all skin type.

7. VLCC Pearl Facial Kit

VLCC Pearl Facial Kit

You must be thinking its VLCC again.

Yeah, Why not? VLCC is really good and VLCC pearl facial kit has a cooling effect. It removes excessive oiliness.

This VLCC Pearl facial kit contains Peal Lotion (to clean the skin and clog the skin pores), Pearl Powder (it acts as a scrub and removes the dead skin), Pearl Cream (it helps to nourish and moisture the skin) and Pearl Face Pack (it gives fair and glowing skin).

8. Oriflame Sweden Pure Nature Tropical Fruits Facial Kit

Pure Nature Tropical Fruits Facial Kit for Normal to Dry Skin

Oriflame is famous for its Coconut hair oil, face wash, facial creams and much more.

It has natural fruits ingredients in it. And we all know fruits are really beneficial for our body and skin too. This facial kit has the fruits like pineapple guava and papaya.

The facial kit for oily skin includes skin cleanser, scrub, massage cream and a face Mask.

9. Aroma Treasures Pearl Facial Kit

Aroma Treasures Pearl kit


An ideal component for increasing the skin elasticity, fresh cells and removes wrinkles.

It also considered best for glowing skin and less oil production.

Aroma Treasures Pearl Facial kit for oily skin includes Cleanser, Scrub, Cream, Facial Gel, Facial Mask and Lotion.

10. VLCC Insta Glow Facial Kit

VLCC Insta Glow Facial Kit

VLCC Insta Glow Facial Kit is best for glowing skin and also suitable for oily skin.

This facial kit includes a Cleanser (to clean the skin deeply), face scrub (to remove dark skin), facial gel (to increase the fairness) and face pack (to bring glow on the skin).

11. Aroma Treasures Skin Whitening & Brightening Facial Kit

Aroma Treasure skin whitening and brightening facial kit for oily skin

Why to consider Aroma treasures among other best facial kit for oily skin.

It is due to the fact that this is whitening & brightening kit for oily skin. You will get rid of oil and bless with glowing skin at the same time.

It also removes the dark spots, pimples, acne and wrinkles while decreasing the amount of oil.

This facial kit includes cleanser (to clean the skin), face scrub (evenly exfoliates the skin), massaging gel (for better blood circulation) and milky white whitening masks (to provide a whitening effect to the skin).

12. VLCC Silver Facial Kit

VLCC Single Silver Facial Kit

Silver also purifies the skin just as Gold does. Silver is also best known for getting rid of oil.

One of the best things about this facial kit is its versatility.

It is an ideal facial kit for man and woman.

This facial kit includes Silver Glow Scrub (an antiseptic &healing scrub to control excessive oil), Silver Glow Gel (helps in preventing blocked pores), Silver Glow Cream (for better blood circulation), Silver powder (provides fairness) and Silver Glow Pack (for glowing and clear skin).

13. Jovees Fruit Facial Kit

Jovees Fruit Facial Kit

You can also name it as a roller costar ride. Each twist and turn have been surprising you since we started our journey of facial kits for oily skin.

Now, we will meet a fruit-based facial kit again.

Jovees Fruit facial kit is one of the best fruit-based facial kits for oily skin in the market today.

Including 6 steps following with cleanser, honey and almond face scrub, pineapple and papaya massaging cream, Toning gel, Apple and avocado fruit face pack and tea tree and witch hazel rejuvenating face cream.

All these containing components make this suitable for man and woman both.

14. Nature’s Essence Papaya Facial Kit

Nature's Essence Papaya Kit

It doesn’t matter you eat or rub on the body, PAPAYA surely is the best in business.

Papaya enzymes work best on oily skin. This facial kit removes acne, wrinkles, deep cleans the skin and provides fresh touch to your skin.

15. Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Kit

Shahnaz Husain Chocolate Kit

We have been hearing one proverb since our childhood when we started to understand.

End well; everything is well (Ant Bhala to sab bhala!).

What is best about this list is that it is going to finish with the wonder of the empress of herbal beauty.


Yummy chocolate! Chocolates are the BEST.

Girls know it well.

Moving ahead, although this facial kit is best known for dry skin. Still, you can use it on oily skin to get rid of oil, acne, wrinkles, dullness and more.

So if you desire for the fresh and glowing skin. Use Chocolates in another form intelligently.


Always choose best facial for oily skin. And if you have many ways, then choose efficiently.

It’s your skin, your face. Make it shine like stars.

Always here to help you with best solutions.

So which Facial kit will you choose? Comment below!!